Spicy Diego Roll | 12.95
Spicy tuna, cucumber, sprouts
Topped: salmon, sliced lemon, jalapeño
Tempura Fin Roll | 13.95
Crab, tempura shrimp
Topped: yellowtail, avocado, mayo, scallions and Tobiko caviar

Classic California Roll | 11.95
Crab, cucumber

Maine Lobster Roll | 16.95
Tempura Lobster, crab meat, spicy mayo, asparagus
Topped: avocado, side of unagi sauce

Caterpillar Roll | 13.95
Crab, cucumber, yamagabo
Topped: eel, avocado, eel sauce

Crunchy Roll | 13.95
Spicy crab, tempura shrimp, cucumber, crunchies

Osetra Special Roll | 14.95
Grilled asparagus, spicy tuna, cucumber, cream cheese
Topped: salmon, avocado, Tobiko caviar ,chili powder, soy glaze

Spicy Scallop Roll | 15.95
Topped: salmon, avocado, mango cilantro sauce

Double Double Tuna Roll | 15.95
Spicy tuna, scallions
Topped: tuna, chili oil, sesame seeds, side of ponzu sauce

Sashimi Plate | 17.95
Salmon, tuna, scallops
Side of soy, wasabi and ponzu sauce

Edamame, Spicy or Not? | 5.95
Chili-ponzu or salt

Fresh Daily Oysters | 15.95
Half-dozen served with three mignonette sauce

Sesame Seed Tuna | 15.95
Sesame seed crusted, pan seared